Pikachu Tribute02:09

Pikachu Tribute


Oh dear. Pikachu. Yeah, I'll tell you about freaking Pikachu.

Pikachu is a douchebag mouse that electrocutes people all the time. Doing something illegal? What happens then? Do you go to jail? No. This little yellow retard will zap the crap out of you. Your colon will fall out after this jerk is done with you if he ever catches you littering.

He's also a jerk because he refuses to evolve. As in, you know, getting stronger. All it takes is a Thunderstone. Quick and easy. No pain. Just evolution. They even had it in an episode once, and Ash, the biggest idiot in the entire series, somehow turned the whole thing into a moral dilemma and everybody cried about it.

Seriously Ash! Pikachu is already overpowered enough. Imagine that overpowered freak of nature on crack, Ash. That's what the Thunderstone could do.



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