Katie (Japanese: カエデ Kaede) was the first opponent Ash battled in the Ever Grande Conference Victory Tournament. Her English voice actress is Andi Whaley and her Japanese voice actress is 沢海陽子 Yōko Sōmi. She appeared in Shocks and Bonds and A Judgment Brawl.

Katie is the pride of Lilycove City, where her fashion and flair have given her the nickname "cool beauty". Her hobbies include playing the clarinet and her favorite food is spicy spaghetti with Tamato Berries.

Hey, this chick's ok. Just a little though. What the heck is Gardenia's Summer Day?

In Gardenia's Summer DayEdit

Cynthia & Pike Queen Lucy's younger sisters are three Sisters and along with Cynthia and Pike Queen Lucy.

Katie Hoenn