Francesca (Japanese: シズエ Shizue) is a Pokémon Magician and the character of the day in The Bells are Singing!.

Francesca performs with three Chingling. One of them, wearing a green ribbon, seems to have a little more personality than the other two, being very energetic. It loves to meet new people and will hug them.

Oh no. This chick has a page. If you want to see what I think of Francesca, go to the Theresa page.

I guess I might as well say something about this chick anyway. I did some research, and apparently Francesca is just a chick who likes Chingling. She's not important. She's a hobo who trains little bell-people to sing and dance monotonously in the exact same way every time. Her hat's pretty cool though, I must admit.

So yeah, one time character, not important.

In Gardenia's Summer DayEdit

She is Gardenia's best friend.




You wish bro.

Francesca wearing bikini

Francesca in Gardenia's pool

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