Chatot is Parrot-like pokemon that has a head similar to an eighth note as well as a tail like a metronome.

Oh crap. This thing. That thing Team Rocket had for, like, one season, I think? I remember it because it had a move that lets you talk into the DS microphone to make it attack. That's so not just a gimmick. Innovation dudes. Get with it.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Chatot have the Keen Eye and Tangled Feet abilities. Keen Eye allows Chatot's accuracy to never be lowered. Tangled Feet allows Chatot's Speed to increase if it is confused.

In the video games, if a Chatot knows the move Chatter, the player can change its cry and any other Chatot cry to his or her voice if you say something on the Nintendo DS microphone, but it's cry will return to normal only if you put all the Chatots in your party in the PC.


In the Anime In the anime, Chatot was first seen in Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea movie as Phantom the pirate's pet.