Ash Ketchum is a main character of Pokemon TV Series and Pokemon the Nintendo Video Game. His Pokemon is Pikachu. His name comes from the english motto "Gotta Catch Em' All".

He says his dream is to become a Pokemon Master, but he's just a wannabe. He leaves behind all his Pokemon, doesn't challenge the Elite Four, and refuses to catch Legendaries. He's still got that stupid Uber Pikachu. The one he physically abuses people with. Charizard was one smart Pokemon. He knew how awful this guy was. Charizard got out of there in one piece, Pikachu can too.

Ash has girls follow him around all the time, but he never so much as hits on them. I mean, really, Ash? Look at the way Misty dresses. She would go for anybody. What about May? May was cool. And Dawn was clearly into Ash, because she dresses up in a cheerleader uniform for him. All the girls that do that for me are just insane and unattractive. Dawn was neither. Iris, meh. That's up to Ash. I never saw anything in Iris. But that could just be because I don't watch the anime anymore. I know it's not because I'm a racist. Racists are stupid.

I bet he's more attracted to his Pikachu than any woman he's ever met. Zoophilist.